Our Story

Education First

Education First Trust is a voluntary, non-political, not-for–profit, cause-oriented organization, registered in New Zealand under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. We're here to provide educational and related support to children in Fiji, New Zealand and other Pacific Island countries who just don't have enough.

Education First Trust aims are:

  1. Reduce the impact of poverty on the children around us by providing education, educational tools and other primary needs.
  2. To orient our educational effort towards self-sustainability.

Through the generosity of supporters. Education First has, during 2010 and 2013, provided approximately $60,000 Fijian dollars to FencFiji to educate many needy children.

Our Core Values

Compassionate respect for all children and cultures. We want all  children, regardless of religion, race, gender or disability have the opportunity for a safe, healthy and happy childhood.


Making real our promise to deliver the highest quality standards of integrity. Our process includes robust checks and balances to make sure that any funding is used only for the purpose of original intent


We track the effectiveness of every initiative, developing our partnerships through skill / knowledge / best practices sharing. Our focus is to effectively meet the needs of the children we serve in so far as we can.


We proactively advocate the rights of all children. Our ultimate interest is to help make those rights real on a global level. It's too easy for our children to get forgotten in these busy, sometimes tumultuous times 


Through our own paths we have come to recognize optimism as a critical factor in success. Helping develop optimism amongst the children we care for takes high priority in our programmes.

Building Connections

We see sponsorship as a way of helping children develop their connections through meaningful interaction.


We respectfully challenge each other, to help us to arrive at actions which really meet our objectives.

Mission and Goals

Mission and Vision

We provide financial and technical support through various sustainable programmes.

Our Sponsor a Child Programme targes the educational needs of poor children has already make important advances
lifting families out of a vicious poverty cycle by empowering the young.

Our vision is to help reduce poverty to a negligible level, by focusing on meaningful education of the young and under privileged

Medium Term Goals

We're on our way to becoming a registered Non Governmental Organization(NGO) as part of our program to amplify our initiative.

The New Zealand Charities Commission has approved changes to our Trust Deed to extend our influence beyond Fiji. Fiji remains as a major focus for the Trust and much of the Trust initiative still focuses on the needs of under privileged children in Fiji, and we expect this focus to intensify.

The Trust originated as the Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in April 2010 and incorporated under the terms of the Chartitable Trusts Act 1957. The original Trust evolved to become the Education First Trust or just Education First. The Trust was extended in 2013 to embrace the needs of needy children in New Zealand and internationally as well as Fiji. The work of the Trust embraces all gender, race and religious variations.