BA solar lighting

BA Solar Lighting Project

How the project started

During a visit to Fiji following cyclone Winston aftermath education First Team visited schools in Ba and Tavua and had discussions with the Head Teachers of a number of schools in the area on various issues related to education of underprivileged children. One of the paramount issues raised were the inability to complete school home works for children living in isolated and remote villages because of inadequate lighting. These areas are not on power grid and highly unlikely to have access to electricity in immediate future.

It was decided by Trustees to launch a Pilot programme to introduce solar lighting in 20 homes later increased to 42 as word got around and demand increased. The primary target was poor family with school children in remote Ba areas where poor lighting was a barrier to children’s’ learning not doing school home works.

Brief Report on the Distribution of the Solar Lights

The Head Teacher (Mr. Navinesh Kumar) of Varavu Sanatan Dharm School received 3 solar lights from Mr. Dhirendra Nand, President of Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Ba Branch. These lights were specifically to be given to those needy families whose children are schooling and are located totally out of the power grid.The sponsors are Education First from New Zealand. 

In the capacity of the School Head I wrote a circular to the teachers of our school to collect data on students who reside out the power grid and did not have excess to solar or neither generator. Once the data was collected, this was verified by the area Advisory Officer Mr. Sanil Prakash who is also the school manager, thanks to Mr. Praksah for providing me the guidance in selecting the recipients. Once he confirmed the data was correct, than I collected the lights from Mr. Dhirendra Nand on 13thof July, 2016.

The details of the three families chosen are as follows:

Family History

Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Students Name
Total Members in the Family
No. Students in the Family
Source of Income
Kamlesh Chand
Small scale vegetable farmer
Shiu Gyan Sharma
Sunil Lata Singh
Small scale vegetable farmer
Sunil Chand
Chandra Wati
Shymal Chand
Small scale vegetable farmer

Note: the above families are approximately 15 km from Ba Town.

The above families were visited on 18thof July, 2016 to deliver the solar lights. These visits were incorporated with the school’s Community Out Reach Programme. The visit really was an eye opener since we had the first-hand experience to discover the very sort of problems these families were going under to live their live without proper facilities part of their needs. The families visited were informed of the donation that they received. They were made aware that these donations have made with the courtesy of Education First of New Zealand and this was facilitated by The President of Ba Sanatan Sabha.

During the visit it was noted that the students of our school hailed from a very poor background. The pictures give the true picture of the situation these children encounter. One of three families has completely lost 

The Head himself visited and installed the lights for those families. The three lights provided, really sparkled the lives of these recipients. The families were more that eager to receive the assistance which according them will assist the students to study during the night, since many exams are yet to come.

Finally, the three families have conveyed their hearty thanks to Education First of New Zealand and to Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Ba Branch for facilitating and reaching them.

The school also wishes to convey its thanks and appreciation for such a worthy assistance.Attached please find pictures and thanks and appreciation letter.