Our Projects

Education First

2010 - 2020

Vocational Training Sponsorship Programme


Education First Sponsored VTC Cookery Students during practical classes.

Dictionary in School Project


Since the inception of this project, 1200 dictionaries have been distributed to over 120 schools in many districts.

Lomawai Ablution Block Project 


Lomawai Primary School a rural school with a roll of nearly 200 pupils had a pit system ablution block built some 50 years ago.

Mangere College School Blazers


The College was in dire need of official school blazers for students coming from poor families and could not to afford to  purchase them

Bulabula Sanatan Primary School

  • Location : Ba-Vatukoula back road, rural school
  • Students: 77 + 8 Kindergarten (60% iTaukei and 40% Indian)
  • Staff: 5 Teachers and 2 Aux staff
  • Class: 1-8 (running composite classes)
  • Head teacher: Sushil Kumar
  • Contact:  Ph 00679 9304073


  • School in operation - had 85% student turnout on first day after Cyclone Winston recovery . 
  • Student’s homes status survey being carried out. Extensive damage to stationary and all electronic equipment - computers and photocopier which we donated
  • Library/computer room totally destroyed. 
  • One teachers quarters extensively damaged but teacher still living in it .

Nadrala Sangam School

  • Location: Kavanagasau , Sigatoka - rural school
  • Roll: 64 (50% iTaukei  and 50% Indian)
  • Head teacher: Praneil Kumar Singh 
  • Contact :


10 computers are needed. Tablets have been donated but not practical for teaching purposes, these will be used for classes 3-8.

How do you contribute



A donation to the Education First is more than charity. We don't just hand out aid we work together with other organisations and communities to ensure your 100% contributions reaches the child, ensuring this makes a difference in the life of the underprivileged child.

How do we identify the Needy Children for education assistance?

Since our inception in 2009 we have viewed in excess of 300 applications for assistance. An analysis of applications received revealed various trends that negatively impact children of poor families each year. The emerging trends indicate the inability of parents /guardians to provide the support necessary for children to pursue meaningful education.
Despite the efforts of various agencies, children of poor families continue to drop out of school for various reasons:

• Current level of assistance provided by agencies are insufficient to cover education cost
• Inability to sustain continuation with current monetary assistance
• Absence of special needs classes resulting in underperforming children withdrawn from school first
• Desertion of the father figure resulting in one or no income
• Alternate schooling enabling one child to secure an education whilst others engage in generating income and support for the family

How does Education First raises funds to finance programmes and administration Costs?

Funds are raised through the following mediums:

• National awareness to organisations and individuals to pledge contribution
• Expanding our Networks internationally
• Public awareness of the Trust programmes and functions
• Engagement with similar charities to achieve a comprehensive collegial monetary outcome
We have 100% donations policy whereby all monies received reach the poor and needy children's education. The contributions of individuals and organisation specifically for this purpose is solely utilised for the programmes and activities of the core objective and not to finance administrative costs

In regard to the administrative related costs the Trust policy is that these costs to be capped at 10% which is to be raised by a number of means and methods such as :
• Sponsorship by Businesses, Individuals, Partners & Sister organisations
• Income generated through our periodical fund raising events
• Financial Donations specifically to assist with administration cost